Play With Me Music

Summer Beginning Group Guitar Lessons

This is a beginning group guitar class designed for adults and youth 12+ years old. This class will focus on teaching basic open chords, how to care and tune your guitar, strum patterns, and combining your skills so you can play some fun songs. The group will also learn about basic percussion to give your hand rest in the middle of class. The drumming will be a foundation for rhythmic accompaniment on the guitar. Must provide your own music stand and guitar. All classes will be available to view live via zoom so students can still participate from home if a family member is not feeling well.

Register: April 26 until full

Dates: June 2- Aug. 18 (12 weeks)

Time: 7:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Days: Wednesdays

Ages: 12+ years old

Tuition: $125 per session (12 weeks)

*10% discount given to Rec. Center members

Summer Program Information

Play With Me Music is designed for parents/caregivers and their children of any age. See below for details.

Parents may bring more than one child.

Register: April 26 until full

Days: Wednesdays

Dates: June 2- Aug. 18 (12 weeks)

Ages: 0-12 years old

Time: 10:30 am- 11:15 am

Tuition: $125 per session (12 weeks)

*Families can bring all children for one price
**10% discount given to Rec. Center members

  • Supporting and enhancing your child’s development through FUN and creative music interventions.
  • Parents will be taught skills and songs that can be used at home to reinforce what is taught in class.
  • Singing, instrument playing, movement and dance, music listening and rhythm designed to improve a child’s body awareness, turn taking, attention span, listening, creativity, imagination, and speech.
  • Experienced and loving teacher with Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy.
  • Parent/Child Bonding- Caregivers attend and participate with the child which provides creative and fun play in and outside class.
  • Limited space per class- sign up soon!

Online Registration

Online registration is quick and easy. Follow the link below and follow the instructions on the website.

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