Group Fitness Classes

Group classes through Smithfield Recreation are a great way to stay in shape, make new friends, and stay motivated. We offer several different classes that are designed for all fitness levels. Read more about our courses below and see when the next class is!

Class Descriptions



Using innovative exercises to improve core, balance, strength, and muscle tone. Each session includes a twist of sport conditioning! Taught by the Intermountain Sports Performance Training Team.


Barre Above blends the latest exercise science with the Lotte Berk method, ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training. This is a low impact class that is gentle on the joints, but so great for the muscles.


This circuit training class will challenge the whole body as you use a variety of techniques to improve overall strength and endurance.


Endurance based class with the goal of improved cardiovascular endurance, fat loss, and general physical conditioning.


You’ll love this efficient total body workout as it burns calories, shapes your physique, and develops core strength all at the same time. We will incorporate steps, weights, balls, and bars to help strengthen your entire body.


Learn the basics of yoga while increasing flexibility, breathing deeply, relaxing and improving posture.


HIGH transforms old school aerobics into a highly addictive new fitness experience that combines simple, modern fitness techniques (i.e. HIIT, plyometrics, etc.) with music you know and love.


Cardio training that incorporates short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover. Improves performance while building muscle to burn fat.


Tone and define your body with a variety of moves using surfboards, body bands, weights and kickboxing. Shake up the way you use your muscles and get the small muscle groups involved in your workout. Learn how to internally contract to make your effort maximized.


Get weight room results in a group format! Pump will give you the moves, music, and motivation to get strong, toned, and lean as you work all the major muscle groups in one efficient class.


AMRAP style muscle building & toning class that combines blocks of strength training, body weight exercises, resistance training, and cardio to help you burn calories and boost your metabolism.


Looking to burn calories and build muscle, this class is for you. An upbeat & fun full body workout that focuses on toning & sculpting major muscle groups, while increasing cardiovascular fitness with anaerobic exercises.


Boost your metabolism while reshaping your body with this strength training class. Class will use body bars, free weights and/or body balls.


UpBeat Barre is a muscular endurance-based workout that fuses strength training, ballet, yoga, and Pilates to popular music to create a sweaty, fun, and balanced workout with varying levels of intensity designed to include everyone.


De-stress, relax and reenergize through the fundamentals of yoga. Build flexibility and strengthen your core with these simple movements.


Breathe, stretch and perform yoga poses that will balance your body rhythms and create a calm that will energize you throughout the day!


Intimidated by the weight room? This class is for you. Class will take place in the weight room and will focus primarily on using free weights for a full body work out.

Spin Classes


This flat road format will build cardiovascular endurance while burning fat. Get your heart rate in the aerobic zone and keep it there.


Cross train while you spin down flat roads. Take a few jumps and roll over hills. An all terrain workout that will challenge your heart rate.


Turn that resistance knob! This intense workout is designed to improve strength by increasing your heart rate.

Cycling bike pedals will allow clips or non-clip (gym) shoes. Please bring a towel.

Child Care & Workout Videos


August 16th- December 31st

*Free child care is available for the 9:15 am classes.
**Class sizes are limited depending on the room they are held in.

The week's events
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
October 18, 2021

Category: General5:00 am: Interval Ride (MR)

Category: General6:00 am: Tone & Define (LL) (Aerobics Room)

Category: General6:00 am: Yoga (JW) (Dance Gym)

Category: General7:30 am: Muscle Mania (SD)

Category: General9:15 am: Full Body Strength Training (CC)

Category: General10:30 am: Gentle/Chair Yoga (AB)

Category: General6:00 pm: HIGH Fitness (HG/AH)

Category: General7:00 pm: Strength & Conditioning (EM)

Category: General8:05 pm: Yoga (MJ)

October 19, 2021

Category: General5:00 am: Pump (AG)

Category: General6:00 am: Adult Acceleration (IHC) (Multi Gym)

Category: General6:00 am: HIGH Fitness (JP,JC,Jess) (Aerobics Room)

Category: General7:30 am: Yoga Energy & Balance (SD)

Category: General9:15 am: Boot Camp (Lisa)

Category: General6:00 pm: Spin (AN)

Category: General7:00 pm: UpBeat Barre (AV)

Category: General8:05 pm: Endurance (CC)

October 20, 2021

Category: General5:00 am: Endurance Ride (CN)

Category: General6:00 am: Tone & Define (LL)

Category: General7:30 am: Barre Above (KB)

Category: General9:15 am: HIIT (CC)

Category: General8:05 pm: HIGH Fitness (HG/AH)

October 21, 2021

Category: General5:00 am: Interval Ride (KM)

Category: General6:00 am: Adult Acceleration (IHC) (Multi Gym)

Category: General6:00 am: HIGH Fitness (JP,JC,Jess) (Aerobics Room)

Category: General7:30 am: Yoga Energy & Balance (SD)

Category: General9:15 am: RapidFit (Lisa)

Category: General7:00 pm: HIGH Fitness (ABr/HN)

Category: General8:05 pm: UpBeat Barre (AV)

October 22, 2021

Category: General5:00 am: Pump (AG)

Category: General6:00 am: Interval Ride (LL)

Category: General7:30 am: Strength circuit (PG)

Category: General9:15 am: HIGH Fitness (HG/AH)

Category: General10:30 am: Gentle/Chair Yoga (AB)

October 23, 2021 October 24, 2021

Category: General7:30 am: Fitness Spooktacular


April Bosworth (AB)
Abby Brown (ABr)
Alissa Groll (AG)
Angela Nielsen (AN)
Amber Varela (AV)
Ashley Hall (AH)
Chelsie Campbell (CC)
Carrie Niederhauser (CN)
Erin Mikkelsen (EM)
Hailey Goble (HG)
Hannah Norman (HN)
Intermountain Health Care (IHC)
Janette Woodruff (JW)
Jayme Pollard (JP)
Jenna Cox (JC)
Jessica Westerberg (Jess)
Katie Bradley (KB)
Kris Monson (KM)
Lisa Rich (Lisa)
Leigh Larsen (LL)
Matt Robbins (MR)
Melissa Jacobsen (MJ)
Stacey Dority (SD)

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