Youth Summer Baseball

Days games will be played

Game Days
T-Ball  Tuesdays & Thursdays
Coach Pitch Mondays & Wednesdays
Minors  Mondays & Wednesdays
Majors Tuesdays & Thursdays
Pony League Mondays & Wednesdays

League Information

All games will be played on weeknights. Each participant will
receive a hat and a t-shirt.  Minors, Majors and Pony
leagues players must furnish their own gray pants.

Baseball age is determined by player’s age on August 31, 2024.
Advanced players may play up one level if they are ready to compete at the higher levels.

Early Bird- March 4 – March 24
General Reg.- March 25 – April 14 (Minors – Pony)

General Reg.- March 25 – April 28 (Tball – Coach Pitch)

Games begin:
Pony League – Week of May 13th
Major & Minor Leagues – Week of May 20th

T-ball & Coach Pitch – Week of June 3rd


Early Bird General Reg.
T-Ball (5-6 yrs old) $30 $35
Coach Pitch (7-8 yrs old) $30 $35
Minors (9-10 yrs old) $60 $65
Majors (11-12 yrs old) $60 $65
Pony League (13-14 yrs old) $80 $85

Online Registration

Online registration is quick and easy. Follow the link below and follow the instructions on the website.


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