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September 27, 2023

DanceFIX (JB)

Category: General DanceFIX (JB)

September 27, 2023

A wildly addictive aerobic workout with the latest choreography set to pop and hip-hop music. No dance experience required. Come get your sweaty FIX o f health, happiness, and connection through dance!

Pump (AG)

Category: General Pump (AG)

September 27, 2023

Get weight room results in a group format! Pump will give you the moves, music, and motivation to get strong, toned, and lean as you work all the major muscle groups in one efficient class.

Barre Above (KB)

Category: General Barre Above (KB)

September 27, 2023

Barre Above blends the latest exercise science with the Lotte Berk method, ballet, Pilates, yoga, strength training. This is a low impact class that is gentle on the joints, but so great for the muscles. This class is bound to leave you sweating and shaking as the high repetition movement is designed to create lean muscle definition. The speed of this class is set to the beat of the music to keep you moving, help improve endurance and to make your workout a lot of FUN!

UpBeat Barre (AV)

Category: General UpBeat Barre (AV)

September 27, 2023

UpBeat Barre is a muscular endurance based workout that fuses strength training, ballet, yoga, and pilates to popular music to create a sweaty, fun and balanced workout with varying levels of intensity designed to include everyone.
Endurance (CC)

Category: General Endurance (CC)

September 27, 2023

You’ll love this efficient total body workout as it burns calories, shapes your physique, and develops core strength all at the same time. We will incorporate steps, weights, balls, and bars to help strengthen your entire body.